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 Tapan Sinha's Film: Anokha Moti  





B B Nagpal
Senior Film Critic



NEW DELHI, 21 JULY: Eminent Film Director Tapan Sinha has been selected for the country’s highest recognition in cinema, the Dadasaheb Phalke Award, for the year 2006. The Award, instituted by the Union Government, carries a cash price of Rs.One Million, a Swaran Kamal and a Shawl. Thus, this is the second announcement of a Dadasaheb Phalke awardwinner during this calendar year, since Shyam Benegal was earlier this year named for this award for the year 2005.

Sinha’s films have won 19 National Film Awards in various categories apart from laurels in international film festivals like those in Berlin, Venice, London, Moscow, San Francisco and Locarno. Beginning his film career as a sound engineer in Kolkata’s New Theatre in 1946, Sinha in 1950 got the opportunity of working at Pinewood Studios in the UK where he spent two years. On returning to India, he turned his attention to film directing, making films in Bengali, Hindi and also Oriya. He made three films based on Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore’s works: Kabuliwala, Khudito Pashan and Atithi. Sinha’s cinematic landscape traverses a journey that began with Ankush (1954) and highlighted by Uphaar (1955), Tonsil (1956), Louhakapat (1957), Kalomati (1957), Hansuli Banker Upakatha (1962), Sagina Mahato (1970), Banchharamer Bagan (1980), Adalat O Ekti Meye (1982), Ek Doctor Ki Maut (1991) and Shatabdir Kanya (2001).

Tapan Sinha’s cinematic works are amazingly down-to-earth depiction of the struggles of the common man. His reputation as an uncompromising filmmaker, a celluloid iconoclast, puts him in a class of his own.

The Government had recently conferred on him the One Time Award for Life Time Achievement to Commemorate the 60th anniversary of India’s Independence.

A Committee consisting of eminent film personalities Shyam Benegal, Gautam Ghosh, Dr. A. Nageshwar Rao, Ms. Sharmila Tagore and renowned Flute Player Hari Prasad Chaurasia recommended the name of Sinha to the Governmen

Other important awards won by his films are:

Kabulliwalaah(1956), based on a story by Rabindranath Tagore, won the Music Award at the
Berlin Film Festival, demonstrating his sharp sensitivity.
Ek Doctor Ki Maut(Death of a Doctor)(1991), won National Award for Second Best Film, Best
Director, 1991/ Special Jury Award for Best Actor, 1991/ BFJA Awards - Best Film, Best
Director, 1991/ 37th Film Fare Award for Best Screenplay, 1991/ Red Cross Film Festival, Sofia
(Bulgaria), 1991

A list of movies directed by Tapan Sinha are:

Ankush (1954)
Upahaar (1955)
Tonsil (1956)
Kabuliawala (1957)
Lauha Kapat (1958)
Kala Mati (1958)
Khaniker Atithi (1959)
Khudhito Pashan (1960)
Jhinder Bandi (1961)
Hansuli Banker Upakatha (1962)
Nirjan Saikate (1963)
Jatugriha (1964)
Arohi (1964)
Atithi (1965)
Galpo Holeo Satti (1966)
Hate Bazare (1967)
Aapan Jon (1968)
Sagina Mahato (1970)
Sasina (1970)
Ekhani (1971)
Zindagi Zindagi (1972)
Aandhar Periye (1973)
Raja (1975)
Harmonium (1976)
Ek Je Chhilo Desh (1977)
Safed Haathi (1978)
Sabuj Dwiper Raja (1979)
Banchharamer- Bagan (1980)
Adalat O Ekti Meye (1982)
Admi Aur Aurat (1982)
Manush (1983)
Didi (1984)
Baidurya Rahasya (1985)
Atanka (1986)
Aaj Ka Rabinhood (1987)
Ek Doctor Ki Maut (1991)
Antardhaan (1992)
Wheel Chair (1994)
Satabdir Kanya (1996)
Ajab Gnayer Ajab Katha (1999)
Anokha Moti (2000)