New Delhi, October: It is said that the language of music is universal, and this is perhaps best demonstrated through classical music which has stood the test of time all over the world and laid the foundations of resilient modern music.

Whether it is the classical artistes of India or of other countries – irrespective of the era they belong to – they have demonstrated that the real music is one that comes from within, from the depths of the soul.

Perhaps that is why Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a classical composer of the eighteenth century with over 600 compositions to his credit, is as popular in the country of his origin as he is in the rest of the world. What is more, he continues to inspire elders and children alike.

Even in India, hard-core fans of western classical music are held spell-bound by the compositions of Mozart. And when it is presented by a confluence of Indian and western artistes, it holds a special place for music lovers.

The Austrian Embassy and the French Embassy in association with the Neemrana Music Foundation, the Austrian Cultural Forum and Alliance Française in India are presenting ‘Mozart Requiem in Delhi’ by composers Raul Maldonado and Charles Gounod in collaboration with the Delhi Chamber Choir in a concert by conductors Yves Parmentier and Gabriella Boda-Rechner and pianist Marouan Benabdallah, apart from the Mozart Children’s Choir of India on Tuesday, 4 November, at 7pm at the Kamani Auditorium. The DCC and guest singers Aude Priya (soprano), Sunanda Rao (soprano), Shireen Sinclair (alto) Prabhat Chandola (tenor), Antoine Redon (bass) will also be performing. 

The Ambassadors of Austria and France, HE Dr F. Maultaschl and HE J. Bonnafont respectively, will be the Chief Guests on the occasion. 

Classical western singing and choir singing are rapidly developing in Delhi with many initiatives blossoming in that field resulting in the creation of several choirs for young people (the Mozart’s Children’s Choir of the Austrian Cultural Forum, the Golden Jubilee Choir of Alliance Française) and for adults (CCM, DCC, Choirs for the “Pearl Fishers” and then for “Carmen” with The Neemrana Music Foundation), the training of young Indian soloists by Mrs Situ Singh Buehler all performing on many occasions at the ICC, Kamani and Alliance Française. 

It was decided a year earlier to take the idea even further: following a French initiative, Yves Parmentier, a world-famous expert in choir singing and voices was invited to organize a Master class that would naturally lead to a concert with the best voices in Delhi, children’s voices on the one hand and adults’ voices on the other hand after Gabriella Boda-Rechner would select them according to strict musical criteria.

Austria joined France with the choice of an opus from Argentina, and India also joined in with its singers’ voices, its soloists and its instrumentalists. 

Yves Parmentier and Gabriella Boda-Rechner have already worked together in France, in Morocco and in China and they have taken part in very successful concerts: Italian and French opera choirs (notably in Rabat, Marrakech, Beijing and Xian). Following 5 days of hard work in Delhi, they received the support of two singing experts, Mrs Situ Singh Buehler and Mrs Nathalie Hurtaud. 

Those being presented at the concert will include three high quality opuses: an opus taken from the folklore of the “Pampa” (“Mon Chant du Sud/My Song From the South” by Maldonado), another opus (“Gallia”) marked by French Romanticism (Gounod) and finally The “Requiem” by Mozart, which is such an absolute master piece of 18th century European music that its notes were coded and sent up in a space probe launched to discover other worlds as a sample of the best Humanity could create! 

A major highlight of the concert is the special presentation of a 75-member Children’s Choir who will enthrall the audiences with their rendition of Mozart.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (27 January 1756 – 5 December 1791) was a prolific and influential composer of the Classical era. His more than 600 compositions include works widely acknowledged as pinnacles of symphonic, concertante, chamber, piano, operatic, and choral music, and he is among the most enduringly popular of classical composers.  

The aim of the programme and concert is to reunite the founding values of our world: the diversity of peoples and traditions, the Harmony between the sacred and the profane, the Unity of souls and spirits through communion in Music and Art.




NGO Issues appeal to demistify the role of Policeman for Students


Poonam Lalwani of LifeTrust, an NGO that works closely with school children in BMC schools in Mumbai has made the following suggestion:

Policemen, of all ranks and levels, should periodically visit schools and colleges and interact with students and young adults.

This will both demystify the role of the policeman and the entire police force for students, as well as dispel the fear that exists in the minds of most people about policemen.

Once the fear is replaced with understanding and awareness, the next natural step would be for people to think of the Police as being their partners and allies, and this in turn would encourage more people to report incidents to the Police.

If you have been involved in similar initiatives, please share your experiences with - for concerned citizens.



Habitat Centre

 Book Release


India: A Cultural Decline or Revival?

Published by DK Printworld, New Delhi


 Dr Bharat Gupt

Thursday, 23rd of October 2008

Gulmohar Hall 6:30 pm


Launch by

Prof.V R Panchamkhi
Comments by: Dr. Come Carpentier, Maj-Gen Vinod Saighal, Sh. Rohit Handa and  Dr. Vijay Sharma.

Based on a verse in the Pancatantra, the book is divided into six parts: Eka (person), Kula (family), Grama (habitat), Janapada (land), Prithvi (earth) and Atma (Self). The author takes up issues of education, proselytization, unbridled consumerism, failing democracy and governance; conflicts between classes, jatis, regions, languages and religions; tensions between legislators and judiciary; notions of dharma and universal harmony as challenged by Westernized modernity. While examining the state of affairs he suggests a way to happiness through unselfish transcendence.









4th India International Women Film Festival is scheduled to be held in New Delhi Starting from 7th December till 14th December 2008. It talks about women empowerment, very much relevant in a developing country.


We are the pioneer of a Women's Film Festival in India, where women are being projected not just an object of visual pleasure on screen, rather women in other roles as Director, meant to establish female gaze behind the camera.


Indian and International Women Directors are showing a huge amount of excitement, Film Festival exhibiting around 140 Internationally acclaimed films from around 44 Countries. France is a Focus Country in 2008


Tribute  to seven Indian  Classical Women Filmmaker is a main Attraction, that is to say  Arundhati Devi, Monju Dey, Sai Pranjpe , Arpana Sen , Kalpna Lazmi, , Bejoy Mule and Prema Karanth .


To encourage Women Director and Join Hand with the IIWFF Slogan " Women Behind the Camera"  Hollywood and European Celebrities are also Participating Actress Cassandra Gava and Faye Dunway ( Oscar Winning Actress ) has already sent their consent. Similar aspirations are shown by Bollywood actress Juhi Chawla and Tanushree Dutta .


Celebrities Like Actress and Director Aprana Sen , Madhavi Mukhrjee,  Film maker Nabyendu Chaterjee , Painter Jogen Chowdhory , Subha Prasanno are also expected to be Present . Festival Director Shymali Banerjee told us " Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of External Affairs and Government of Delhi NCT have extended their supports for the cause of women film Festival. Our Associate Partners so far confirmed are the following: SAHARA INDIA, AAFT, 1TAKE MOVIE.COM, TIMES OF INDIA, RADIO MEOW, KOLKATA TV, ZEE TV, RADIO MIRCHI etc.

4th Indian International Women Film Festival Program includes Competition –World Cinema (Feature), Competition (Documentary), Indian Panorama , Retrospective ,  Kinder Films , Joint Hands , Focus Institute , Male Voice and Short Films (Out of Competition)

IIWFF is Launching Talent campus in this year, a Platform for armature Filmmakers to conquer the Real Reel Experiences from Internationally acclaimed Filmmakers. The 2008 Talent Campus will include certain smoldering issues in the field of World Cinema; and will be delivered in the form of Seminars, Workshops and Guest Lectures, Specially Designed  Programme Named 24Hrs Filmmaking Competition is also a Part of Talent Campus. Top two films will be awarded in Closing Ceremony and all films will be exhibited on the Last day of the Festival. each Candidate will be given a Certificate of Recommendation .


With a complete film festival ambience that included Film Lounge , Seminars , Face to Face , Painting Exhibition, Open Forum and Cultural Program it will be Freezy 2008 Winter with Filmy Breeze .   

 For further enquiries please do send us email or contact on telephone (email : /  / 92108 40152 / 9239419488)




For the first time in India, the ESG has created a business platform for shorts and documentary films in Goa. The platform titled SHORT FILM CENTER is being organized on the sidelines of the 39th International Film Festival of India, Goa between 23 November – 1 December 2008.

The Short Film Center invites all film makers, buyers of short and documentary cinema, funding agencies and film festival organizers to participate. A maximum of 500 films will be registered at the SFC. The section has two competitive sections: 

1.     International Competition for shorts and documentaries under 30 minutes

2.     Shorts and documentaries on environmental issues under 30 minutes

Both sections together offer a prize money of Rs.13,00,000/- (26000USD)  and would be judged by two different juries of internationally acclaimed film makers. Submissions can be done directly to us by mail or through our on line partners REELPORT, Germany on their website:  on or before 15 October 2008.  Details are on our web site: 

The SFC brings together great business and networking opportunities as it brings together film makers, funding agencies, film festival organizers and buyers on a single platform. All registered participants get access to the privileged SFC Lounge, presentations by funding agencies, access to private screening rooms for screening their films to buyers and interested professionals.

SFC therefore invites you to be part of the Asia’s biggest Business and competitive platform for Shorts / Documentaries.

Milind Joshi,

Short Film Center Coordinator


About Short Film Center

The Short Film Center is a business platform being created at the International Film Festival of India, Goa for the first time. In an effort to bring the short film makers, buyers, festival organizers and funding agencies on one single platform, Short Film Center is being initiated. The 1st edition of the Short Film Center will take place in Goa coinciding the International Film Festival of India between 23rd November to 1st December, 2008.


  • International Competition of films on any theme.
  • Competition of films on Environmental issues related to Environmental issues only


  • International Competition : prize money of Rs 5 lacs, Rs 3 lacs, Rs 2 lacs  approx 21,000USD
  • Vedanta SESA Goa Environmental Award ‘Vasudha’ prize of Rs 3 lacs. Approx 6000 USD

The Business Platform:

This will be the first ever platform in India to bridge the gap between Short film makers, Buyers and Funding agencies. All films registered by filmmakers at Short Film Center, would be available for viewing at 10 specially crafted screening booths and screening rooms at the festival. There will be daily workshops for the filmmakers on various topics and seminars to update them with technology and the international scenario of short and documentary cinema.


Short Film Center provides you a great opportunity to interact with 6,000 Indian and international film makers at one single platform in Goa between 23 November and 1 December 2008. 

for more……


Films not eligible/qualify for competitions may still send in their films to the film market by 21st October 2008.For more…..





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