Persistence Resistance Festival Special


 A festival of contemporary political films

Special focus South Asia

Simulated video parlours, at a multi-hub video library and as installations

- as seen in last years Persistance Resistance festival


What happens when art gets inextricably linked to the politics of subversion and resistance, not only of other art forms but the processes of human movement as well? What persists then, the art or values residing in resistance? In trying to address this vast jigsaw puzzle of the multiple meanings of the words persistence and resistance this festival was conceived. It is also an ode to the persistent vision of films, closely guarded by an ever-changing relationship between the film and the viewer.

 Art as an emblem of cultural production, has been deeply engrossed in human movements, acquiring an inherently political nature. However, now the time has come to acknowledge that the audience is probably an equally resistive force, constructing ways of using and recycling images in an attempt to break out of the censorious trappings of the cinema hall, emerging as a powerful social agent in making meanings of cinema and thereby, culture.

Persistence Resistance 2009, brings all the movements of the audiences and matters of films a little closer together, in a collective space to experience the diversity of films. With our second edition we take forward our quest to explore the diversity of the documentary form. The expanding content and aesthetics of independent films fuels our need to expand our ways of seeing and being seen. We attempt to create multifaceted spaces for viewing, interaction and discussion that are as diverse and rich as the political complexity of the content and the aesthetics that infuse the works. We also bring a special focus on South Asia by bringing films and directors to explore together the simultaneous nature of the composite and the fragmented cultures  of the subcontinent.

We provide choices to the viewer, to choose and engage with a multitude of parallel events and screenings. 

Films will be screened in auditoria, in the outdoors, in simulated video parlours, at a multi-hub video library, and as installations.

Daily seminars will engage with aesthetics and politics of the documentary form.

Evening presentations will explore the linkages between the art of filmmaking and the other arts.

Entire bodies of work of a few filmmakers will be available for viewing together, chronologically and sequentially.

Some critical issues of our times will become articulated through films.

Dates: April 17-19

Venue: India International Centre, 40 Max Mueller Marg, Lodhi Estate,

New Delhi 110003

Entry Free


Organized by    

Magic Lantern Foundation &  India International Centre.


THE FESTIVAL SCHEDULE will be available from the 3rd week of March on the website:


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