Are You Invested in Your Own Success
by Sharon Moist

Workshopping to Win

One of the biggest excuses most actors have, when it comes to investing in their careers, is that they "can't afford" to take class; attend a workshop; get new headshots; put a demo reel together; go to a networking event; buy Backstage or Backstage West, or any of the other tools they need to pursue an acting career.

Whenever I hear someone say this the thought that always crosses my mind is: "How can you afford NOT to do these things?"

You see, every day that you choose not to take class, not to send out your headshot and resume, not to read the trades, or to invest in yourself and your career is one less day that you have the opportunity to work, and one more day that your peers don't have to worry about losing out on a job to you. Great for their career! Not so good for yours.

Pursuing an acting career, or any career for that matter, requires you to be committed to investing in yourself - It's that simple! Every time you spend money on anything having to do with your life and/or your career, you're choosing to believe in yourself and your talent.

So always remember this: an investment in yourself is one of the best investments you'll ever make!


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