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US Business Community Honours Indian Temple

A Report by Dr. Uma Nagaswamy

The entrance gopura of the Omkara Maha Ganapathy temple at Temple, Texas

The town called Temple, Central Texas in USA about an hours drive from Austin, has an Indian population of 250 families who have spread in four areas in the town called Temple, Killeen, Waco and Belton.  It is an illustrious example of Indians in America, whether they live in small number or big as in Houston, yearn for a Hindu Temple in their locality and enshrine their gods and goddesses, arrange worship for their and the region prosperity.  In about seven year’s time from 2001, Indians residing in Central Texas have managed to collect two million dollars and built an impressive temple for Omkara Maha Ganapathy, with other deities including Lord Ayyappa with 18 steps and had it consecrated in 2007.  It is one of the recent temples to come into existence in North America and within two years, has won the best maintained temple award from Business community. 

True to its claim, the temple presents a clean and inviting presence, with its Sanctum hall and other adjunct office building, a modest entrance gopuram and an impressive hall for dance that could accommodate two hundred audience.  The temple has initiated several community projects and has the support of leading doctors, engineers and devotees.  A recent survey seems to show that such Hindu temples by their orderly conduct contribute to the economic growth of the surroundings, encouraging it to grow in population and township facilities.  The temple undertakes to offer assistance, both by providing religious space and priests.

        Dr. R. Nagaswamy the well known archaeologist from India delivered a talk on the “Dance of Siva” at the temple dance hall named “Saraswati Nilayam”.  With such growing activities every town in USA is likely to witness a Hindu temple in the coming years.  One of the vital needs of the Indian Hindu community living in USA, is the presence of priests well versed in Vedic recitation, temple worship, and domestic rituals and calendar.

Dr. Gopalakrishnan, President presenting a memento to Dr. R. Nagaswamy  

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