Three Secrets to Successful Audition


Sharon Moist

There's nothing more frustrating than walking out of a meeting or audition that didn't go the way it was supposed to, is there?

Whether you're an actor, writer, director or studio executive, time and time again, I've had my clients tell me that they were completely prepared for their meeting only to walk out the door afterward, wondering what just happened and why it didn't go the way it was supposed to go.

Here are three keys that will help you be more successful in the future:

1) Arrive Early

In order to be as relaxed as possible, one of the biggest ways you can eliminate the stress of a meeting or audition is to arrive at your location early. This, then, will give you time to find parking, use the rest room, go over your notes, and take a few deep breaths so that you're as relaxed as possible going into your meeting.

Remember this saying: "If you're early, you're on time; If you're on time, your late, and If you're late, you're ______." (You can fill in the blank)

2) Don't Apologize

One of the mistakes I've seen actors make again and again is to apologize for their work. And they're not alone in "apology land," as I've seen writers, directors and other industry professionals do the same thing.

No matter what area of the business you work in, stop apologizing for who you are and what you bring to the table! You are one of a kind, with gifts and talents that are uniquely YOURS, and YOURS ALONE!

Unless you specifically point out your flaws to the person you're meeting with, or apologize for your work, chances are pretty good that they will go unnoticed and you may still land the agent, get the callback or book the job anyway!

3) Know When to Leave

One of the mistakes that is made by both the novice and the professional alike, is that of not knowing when to leave a room after a meeting. This usually stems from nothing more than a lack of insecurity, and the need for approval. Unfortunately, no one but you can give those things to yourself.

Therefore, unless the person you've just met with, or the casting director you've just read for asks you to stay, as soon as your meeting or audition is over, it's time for you to say "Thank You" and then leave!

If they want to meet with you again, you can be absolutely certain that they will call you back for another meeting in the future.

Remember, no matter what area of the industry you work in, your job is to run your career like a business, and that includes: Arriving to ALL meetings early; No longer apologizing for your work and Knowing when to leave a room.

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