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B.B. Nagpal



New Delhi, 24 July: With history being made all the time, every day now seems to be the first anniversary of something awful. The world around us is marred by complete negativity – be it crime, catastrophe or corruption.


Civilization is a movement and not a condition, a voyage and not a harbour, and so mankind has to move ahead through the soft power of art and culture which can be used to reintroduce to people at large to direct their consciousness (chaitanya) and energy to purposeful and positive directions. And it is the consciousness of the energy flows and vibrations all around us that can redeem us.


This vibrating mass of pure energy is intricately interconnected to everything else. The entire cosmos too is nothing but a huge vibrating ball of interconnected infinite energy, which has the ability to communicate into infinity with no regard to space and time.


Conceptualized by Nalini Sharma, “Chaitanya” is an attempt by young artists of Sadhya to explore this concept through movement - defining and discovering all possible flow of energy - individually and collectively; and pushing the boundaries, connecting to the core.


To be staged at the Stein Auditorium of the India Habitat Centre on 30 July at 7.30 pm, it has music by Upmanyu Bhanot, lights by Milind Shrivastava, and the imaging experience has been created by Soumit and Soumita,


“Chaitanya” is a tribute to any soul ready to identify itself with all others, believing in the concept of oneness of this existing creation.


These young artists have devoted their time and energy to this art form. Dance has been a passion with them, even though it may not have always been smooth sailing. They have achieved this under the guidance and training of Sadhya’s Creative Director Santosh Nair, who has choreographed ‘Chaitanya’.


The new choreographic work is also an attempt to blend the different mediums of photography and music lights etc. to bring across the message of directing the energies purposefully for a cause.



Set up in 1998 by dancer-choreographer Santosh Nair. Sadhya is a contemporary dance company which has taken upon itself the task of being a bridge between tradition and modernity, and the philosophy of tradition and innovation. Though it has drawn from Mayurbhanj Chhau which is a martial form of Orissa, Sadhya has evolved a style of its own.


Santosh Nair’s journey as a dancer began under the blessings of his father Kalamandalam Padmanabhan in 1986 as a Kathakali dancer. He furthered his training at Kathakali centre under the able guidance of Sadanam Balakrishnan.


The strong urge to explore, feel and create, led him to learn Modern dance for the next five years with Narendra Sharma of Bhoomika Creative Dance Centre, performing and choreographing dance pieces in a most innovative and heart touching manner. The desire to incorporate varied movements into his dance style saw in learning the traditional dance of Orissa, Mayurbhanj Chhau, under Guru Janmey Joy Sai Babu.


Apart from holding workshops in India and many countries of the world, Santosh has held dance performances at the national and international level with some of the best known names. He choreographed the French Opera ‘If I were King’, premiered in Delhi this year, “Jagriti…the awakening” for the Sangeet Natak Akademi festival in 2009 in Mumbai; the home production-“We can make the difference” based on global warming; the home production-Nataraj-the Lord of Dance based on Mayurbhanj Chhau and contemporary dance; and A Doll’s House supported by Norwegian Embassy, among other national achievements.


At the international level, he choreographed “Stealth” for Canada Dance Festival in Ottawa; “The Spirit of India”- the contemporary section for the Inauguration of The Year of India in Russia in Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow under the aegis of ICCR; performed The Game of Dice at the National Theatre in Oslo, Norway, and for the International Festival IBSA in Brazil & Port of Spain; and collaborated with Project Motherland with Sampad South Asian Arts, Birmingham, among many other laurels.