International Day for Elimination of Torture 2010

Artist Suchi Khanna's moving stories on Canvas


Pallavi Mishra

One of the paintings against Torture  

On the occasion of International Day for Elimination of Torture, an exhibition was held at India Habitat Center by painter Shuchi Khanna. The artist tells the striking and heart wrenching stories through her paintings. Using mainly oil and mixed medium, her works are not the State of Art but they are all depicting stories of a House of Memories called “Sudinalay”.


Sudinalay is a destitute women shelter home in Sunlite Colony

near Ashram in New Delhi run by Sreeroopa Mitra Chowdhary.

Their stories are full of sadness and are very difficult to sum up in

a line or too, some have their private parts acid burnt, some cry all

the time, some are victims of domestic violence, some have escaped

brothels, some have been sold again and again by their trusted ones

and forced into flesh trade at a tender age, many are living like

vegetables unaware of any thing . Each painting tells a different

story of torture and illness which leaves an imprint on your mind and soul.

Shuchi, also involved her ex students to paint a large size canvas on the theme of female infanticide. These works are not for sale, neither is this a fund raiser of any sorts. The artist wishes just to sensitize many, many more. Surprisingly the large number of paintings were made by the artist in just 48 hours. A feat, not many artists can replicate!

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