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Lighting Design Workshop
by Gati Forum

in collaboration with Pro-Helvetia,


Lighting Design Workshop
with Jonathan O’Hear

(in collaboration with Pro-Helvetia, New Delhi)

Thursday June 24 & Friday June 25
11 am to 5 pm

Akshara Theatre, 11-12 B, Baba
Kharak Singh Marg, New Delhi 01

Fee: Rs. 800

This is a lighting design workshop for choreographers, aspiring lighting designers or just about anyone who is curious about understanding light.

Along with a general introduction to lighting for performance, the workshop will discuss light in nature and in art, focusing on its emotional and psychological effects on human beings. A non-linear journey through time and culture will take us from natural light to figured light and the creative mechanisms used in painting, cinematography and live performance. In concordance with the multifaceted nature of light, the workshop will be a mix of theory, observation and sensing.


Born in Geneva, Jonathan O’Hear has been a lighting and video designer for over a hundred productions in New York, Geneva, Paris and Brussels with choreographers such as Foofwa D‘Imobilité (Neopost Ahrrrt) & Rebecca Spinetti (Cobalt). He has also directed music and sports video clips as well as a few short fiction films. Jonathan has been working on the use of new technologies and human interference such as generating an organic form of light movement and using a track pad to move and re-shape it live during the performance. He is fascinated by how the genius of human imperfection can transcend technologies limitations, and how technology can give us more freedom to improvise. 


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