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Ruchika Theatre Group's

Evening of Two Short Plays

A review by Manohar Khushalani

Naina and Pranay in Nothing Can Happen Between Us

Ruchika Theatre Group presented two short short plays on 20 and 21 February at the Epicentre at Gurgaon at 7p.m.

Aspects of Love was an evening of two short pieces (each approx an hour long) that look at the different –dimensions of love. The first piece by 21 year old Abhishek Bhattacharya is called Nothing Will Happen Between Us and captures the growing relationship of a young college boy and girl. The piece was earlier staged by the group to great acclaim at the India International Centre. The play chances upon the unexpected meeting between a young man and a young woman in a book store, which then extends into further meetings. There is longing, a stretching out of the hand. & a secret wish that it should stay out of reach, unrealized, perfect………..

The play was taught in its performances and direction. The script had a touch of humour and displayed a deep understanding of the young hearts it portrayed. Pranay Manchanda and Naina Manjerakar kept the audiences in splits with there perfect timing.

The second piece Tea (first performed by the group at India Habitat Cente for four shows 5 years ago) traces the lives of five Japanese women who migrate to America with their husbands.

After the horrific atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, bringing an end the World War-II, Japan was defeated and one lakh women married American GI’s and moved to America. The starting point of the play is the suicide by the central character Himiko, after 20 years of living in the US. The play deals with the clash of cultures – the contained, petite, cute, well-behaved oriental (very much like traditional Indian women) and the brash, bully Americans. Their search for the exclusive American dream of glamour and of opportunity is the subject of the play.

It talks of all universal stories of migration, belongingness, acceptance and loneliness. Infused with humour and deft light touches, this play has been performed internationally to great acclaim. The performances by all the five women actors were perfectly orchestrated in creation of a symphony of multiple moods. 

Both the pieces are poignant, comic and dramatic.

The cast for Tea includes Radhika Alkazi, Nandini Sra, ,Avaree Chaurey, Smita Mazumdar Mahima Kaur,. Both the plays were directed by Feisal Alkazi.and the background scores were operated by Manohar Khushalani.