Khushalani with Sarita Marchesi in Flesh and Blood
  With Wax Idol of Queen Beatrix at the Museum

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Sarita Marchesi, the Dutch Italian Actress, Queen of Netherland at Madame Tussauds

(all in a days work)

 Manohar Khushalani

 I met Sarita Marchesi while strolling through Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Amsterdam. "Will you get a picture taken with these beauties," she asked. There was exchange of a bit of wit and repartee and we soon became friends. We also disovered that we had a common friend, Bina Paul, who performed in street theatre with me in 1978 and who is currently curating the Kerala Film Festival for Kerala State Chalachitra Academy ( They were both Co-Jury Members at International Film Festival Morocco. Sarita has about her a transparency and warmth which helps her to make friends very quickly. Despite her learning and great achievements she is very unassuming. I was told that she and a bunch of other actors had recently been selected through an audition. In the hall of horrors  a lot of talented actors use their histrionics only to scare the visitors. Obviously the money must be good for them to do that. A signboard warns the visitors not to touch the ghosts because they are real actors. You never know, some joker might take them to be real hangmen and attack them in self defence 

The Madame Tussauds Wax museum is a rich collection of realistic wax sculptutres of who's who of the world. Get your pictures taken with the Queen of Nederland, George Bush, Elvis Presley, Salman Khan or The Chinese Premier. Play football with Ronaldino. Best of all get a picture with a living actress like Sarita Marchesi - why go for Marilyn Monroe. In fact I told Sarita, nobody will believe that that she was a real person in this picture with the other three dolls please take a pic of mine with you separately. She obliged readily. But here too, with all the makeup she looks waxen. These pictures don't do her justice. Visit the web site if you don't believe me. She told me that she had designed the site herself. To know more about her log on to