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About documentary films, vanishing public spaces and unsolicited invitations

While the last issue of the E-Zine:, was dedicated to IAWRT and  the women media professionals, this issue too carries a brilliant presentation, by Paromita Vohra, delivered at IAWRT, on How she Makes Films. We hope her grouse about press not carrying reviews of Documentary Films have been addressed at least by StageBuzz. We carried articles on Documentary Films in two successive issues and hope to carry more in the future. In fact one would like to take this opportunity to invite film makers to share their experiences and use this forum to exchange their views on issues agitating them.    

In this issue I am happy to welcome along with Paromita Vohra, yet another contributor, a lecturer from Delhi University, Joya John. Her article on public spaces being taken away from the Public, is indeed thought provoking. One personally remembers how our theatre group, Theatre Union, used to rehearse in Ravindra Bhawan Lawns, at night, shivering, in the peak of winter, in December, simply because we could not afford to hire the rehearsal spaces. Now the place is swarming with security guards. The same can be said of the National School of Drama's Bahawalpur House.

As promised we continue to make the E-Zine more an more useful to our readers.  We have added a data base of Art Galleries, their addresses and Phone Numbers. 

Lastly an Urgent piece of advise to theatre groups who receive unsolicited invitations by E-Mail to bring their performances to supposed Theatre Festivals abroad. Please Look before you leap. Verify the antecedents of the inviters thoroughly before you rush forth. If they don't supply you with schedules, their addresses, phone numbers and web sites, then there is something fishy. BEWARE  

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