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Pierrot's Troupe

Formed in 1989, the Delhi-based Pierrot’s Troupe is an endeavor creatively expressed. Non-conformist yet rooted into the finest traditions of Indian theatre, Pierrot’s Troupe is reputed as the “purveyor of original plays in India”.

Running into more than 2000 shows, some of its critically acclaimed productions include: GHALIB IN NEW DELHI (Hindi Comedy), CUT CUT CUT (Hindi Comedy), BIG B (English Comedy), MAULANA AZAD (Urdu Monologue), K. L. SAIGAL (Hindi Musical), MODERN ART 2000 (Hindi Comedy), TUMKO CHAHOON (Urdu Monologue), BEGUM AKHTAR (Urdu Solo) AASTHA, BADE BHAI SAHEB (Hindi), THE LAST SUPPER (Hindi), PADIYE GAR BEEMAR (Hindi Comedy), KAL TUMHARI BARI HAI (Hindi), MAGAR PHIR BHI (Hindi), EINSTEIN (English Solo), KAUN SUNTA HAI KAHANI MERI (Urdu), ZINDAGI NAAM HAI JIYE JAANE KA (Hindi), BLUELINE HAAZIR HO (Hindi Comedy), POLLUTION HAZIR HO (Hindi Comedy), PARCHAIYAAN (Urdu Musical) SHAREEK-E-GHALIB (Urdu Musical), MASSAGE (Hindi Comedy), 1857 (Hindi), RAHE NAAM…(Urdu), HEER RANJHA (Punjabi), MEERA (Hindi)

Some of the prominent theater, cinema and TV artistes are and have been the part of the above-mentioned plays, notably, Tom Alter, Rakesh Bedi, Simple Kaul, Uday Chandra, Chander Khanna, Rakesh Bedi, Ashok Purang, Digambar Prasad, Niti Phool etc.    

Most of these plays have been patronized by various, cultural societies, educational institutions and industrial houses of India and abroad, such as : INDIAN AIR FORCE, AIRTEL, INDIAN AIRLINES, INDIAN OIL, HUDCO, STIC TRAVELS, NAVBHARAT TIMES, ROTARY CLUB,), SANSKIRITI SAGAR, (Kolkata) RAINBOW-FLO (Jaipur) MUKTI-INDIA (Chennai) and many more.                                                                                                                                                                                   

A-687, Sarita Vihar , New Delhi-110076. Ph. 9810255291, 9810460366, 011-40506826, 011 29944635

E-mail: pierrotstroupe@yahoo.com, pierrotstroupe@gmail.com,

website: www.pierrotstheatre.com

Pratibimb Kala Darpan

Established in 2001, Pratibimb Kala Darpan is a registered theatre group dedicated to the promotion of arts & culture by producing trend- setting plays. The people from different professional background who believe in theatre as a process, an experiment, a movement, have come under one umbrella to pursue theatre. For us, theatre is a continuous process and an unending movement, we strongly believe, stagnation puts an end to creativity.

Pratibimb as the name suggests, reflects the ideology of the group i.e. to present the reflections of life on stage. The group has dedicated itself to arousing social awareness and inculcating moral and ethical values. Pratibimb firmly believes that theatre is an excellent tool to recreate a harmonious world and to make people comfortable to overcome the emerging challenges facing the society and to ease out stress.    

It is a group that finds ways and means to create a serious and self- sustaining theatre activity. The group works with a purpose and passion to present vibrant theatre for the discerning viewer. The members of the group have been constantly trying to promote and preserve the performing art forms. It has always been its aim to uplift the standard of production. Some of the plays by Pratibimb include Chhamak Chhalo, Saari Raat, Kanyadaan, Ratna Garbha & Khoob Milayi Jodi etc.

Artistic Director- Rajesh Babbar

Address- F-51, Naraina Vihar, New Delhi-110028

Email- pkdtheatre@gmail.com 

Phone No- 09871235558




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