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Sept. 28 -  Nov. 2 ,2008

ASHOK THEATRE, Hotel Ashok, Chankyapuri, New Delhi


                Starting with:

Sept.28 (Sun) BIG B (Indlish Comedy)


Followed by: 


Oct. 11 (Sat)        A PRIVATE AFFAIR (Hinglish Comedy)

Oct. 18 (Sat)        CUT..CUT..CUT (Hindi Comedy)

Oct. 25 (Sat)        GHALIB IN NEW DELHI (Hindi Comedy)

Nov. 1 (Sat)         MAULANA AZAD (*ing Tom Alter)

Nov. 2 (Sun)        GHALIB (*ing Tom Alter)


Script & Direction: Dr. M. Sayeed Alam & Niti Sayeed


BIG B (56th Show) --  Sept 28  (Sun)-- 7:30 pm A rip roaring comedy in Indlish based on Munshi Premchand’s Hindi short story Bade Bhai Saheb. About two brothers, revolving around Hockey and History, Cricket and Chemistry, Gilli Danda and Geography.   


A PRIVATE AFFAIR --  (83rd Show) – Oct. 11(Sat)  --  7:30 pm --Revolves around a missing skirt, empty liquor bottles, a bewildered Captain, a confused Psychiatrist and a light bulb obsessed Mumbaiya bhai … all in a five-star hotel suite.  .

CUT…CUT…CUT  --(112th Show) Oct 18 (Sat) --  7:30 pm -- A Comic depiction of the tragedies of mounting a comic play – a rare 'on stage' portrayal of 'back stage' drama.  A popular rib-tickler. 110 shows to its credit. 


GHALIB IN NEW DELHI -  (244th Show)Oct. 25  (Sat) --  7:30 pm --   Deals with Mirza Ghalib’s re-birth in the 21st century New Delhi. His trials and tribulations – beginning with his birth at ISBT to staying in a servant quarter at Patpad Ganj with a Bihari young man (the land lady being a Punjaban) to becoming a Page-3 celebrity.


MAULANA AZAD (64th Show) – Nov. 1 (Sat) --   7:00 pm The first ever play on life, times and scholarship of Maulana Azad. A wonderful solo performance by Tom Alter: The biggest casting coup in the history of Indian theater. 


GHALIB (5th Show) – Sun --  7:00 pm   --  A vivacious  account of the life and times of MIRZA ASADULLAH KHAN GHALIB, laced with a lot of historical anecdotes and episodes that make you come back home thoroughly entertained. The play stars TOM ALTER and others.


Pierrot’s Troupe: The least pronounceable and the most pronounced theater group in India .


Writer-Directors: Two many cooks spoil the broth.


Cast: From all castes, colors & creeds -- Tom Alter, Vijay Gupta, M. Sayeed Alam, for instance. 


Auditorium  --   All the seats face the stage & rains


Tickets: Rs 250 /-

Available at the venue on the day of each show  


For Tele, Corporate, Bulk and Individual booking contact: 9810255291, 9810460366, 40506826, 29944635 and/or write to us at:  pierrotstroupe@yahoo.com, pierrotstroupe@gmail.com -- AND/OR www.bookmyshow.com and/or call 39895050